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CSIPay: Changes to ACH Returns

Important Change

ACH Changes:

The NACHA Operating Rules require that only NSF and Uncollected Funds (Return Reason Code R01 and R09) may be reattempted up to two times. This gives the Originator a total of three attempts (including the original effort) to debit an account.

Under the NACHA Operating Rules, a returned transaction may not be reattempted after the initial effort unless:

  • the entry has been returned for insufficient or uncollected funds
  • the entry has been returned for stopped payment and reattempting to debit the account has been authorized by the Account Holder
  • the ODFI (Originating Depository Financial Institution) has taken corrective action to remedy the reason for the return

To create a clear indicator for you when any of the reasons above occur, we will mark a clients billing status On Hold and stop auto-pay. When you have then resolved the returns received, you can mark the clients billing status as Active and auto-pay will resume on the next runtime.

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