How to Manage Scores in EZLeagues

This lesson will show you how to manage scores for your games

Under the Your Data header click on the Manage Scores link.

Filter Manage Scores View

1. Use the League and Game Status drop-down menus to filter the list of leagues.

2. Click on the date of the games you wish to add scores for.

Add Results

Click on the Add Result (1) link to enter the score.

You can also associate Officials (2) or print Game Cards (3) for individual games.

Enter Score Values

1. Enter the Score.

2. Choose the team Participation: Full, Default or Forfeit.

3. Set Sportsmanship Rating (if you track this value).

4. Award Bonus Points (additional league points).

5. If you are tracking individual player stats you can enter the values for the corresponding columns.

6. Click on Update Result to save your entries.

** Game Postponed will ask you to reschedule the game to a new date/time, Game Cancelled will mark the game canceled and ignore it in the standings.


Updated Result

The score entered is now displayed in place of the Add Result link, continue adding any additional scores you have to enter.

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