How to Generate a League Schedule - Odd Number of Teams/Bye

This guide will demonstrate how to generate a round robin schedule for a league that has an uneven number of teams utilizing bye game scheduling.

Note: For an even number of teams see How to Generate a League Schedule (Even number of Teams)


Click on the Leagues link

Edit League

Click on the Edit link for the league to be scheduled.

Generate Schedule

Under Options on the left click the Generate Schedule link.

Scheduling Wizard

The Scheduling Wizard will open in a new window displaying 7 tabs signifying each step of the wizard.

1. Select the League(s) to be scheduled.

Note: The league used to access Generate Schedule will be automatically selected.

2. Click Next: Set Locations

Select Location(s)

1. Check the box(es) of those Locations (Venues) required to schedule this league(s) games.

2. Click on Next: Set Weekdays.

Select Dates & Times

1. Select League Start and End Dates - Enter the Start Date and the corresponding days of the week for the league(s) being scheduled.

Note: League Cut Off Date is Optional and not required unless scheduling a portion of a league season. If the wizard needs additional time slots after the Cut Off Date to accommodate a schedule, those games will remain Unschedulable.

2. Select Game Time Slots - Select game start time(s) and click Add Time Slot. Additional game times will increment after each click of Add Time Slot by the length specified with Will Be a [   ] Minute Game.

Note: Selected time slots will appear below.

3. Click Next: Adjust Settings

Specify Additional Settings & Preferences

1. Specify the # of games played per week and # of games to be scheduled in total. Due to scheduling with an odd # of teams, the Games in Total should include Byes.

2. Additional Options:

  • Begin Current Pairings at Game [   ]: Recreates a schedule after games in a season have already been played to prevent duplicate match-ups
  • Remove Previously Scheduled Games: Deletes games already scheduled for a league and replaces them with those the wizard generates
  • Avoid Double Booking Facilities: Prevents games from being scheduled if other games are scheduled against the selected venues/times for this league
  • Remove "Unschedulable" Games: Prevents games that have a scheduling conflict from being considered in the final schedule
  • All Games Back-to-Back Double Headers: Creates a second game with an alternate Home and Away team combination on the same venue as the first game. The second game will be scheduled for the end time of the first game.

3. Bye Game Scheduling Options:

  • No Opponent, No Location: Default option that will not display the bye game on the schedule
  • No Opponent, Use Location: Displays the bye game on the schedule, this will use up a time/venue slot and prevent other games from being scheduled
  • Bye Filler: Shortens a season by 1 week and schedules double headers for half of the season. Ex. 7 teams would take 7 weeks for a full round, this schedules the week 7 games during weeks 1, 3 and 5.
  • Rotate League Team: Adds another game for the bye team and team that already played that day. Caution: If you do not complete a full round robin of games, an uneven number will be played by each team.

4. Move Scheduled Date -  Adjust game dates to accommodate needed lapses in play (i.e. Holidays or Lack of Venue Availability).

5. Click Next: Set Preferences

Team Preferences

1. Select a League from the drop-down menu (If only one league is being scheduled, it will be selected by default)

2. Select a team to set preferences for

3. Select team preferences (optional)

Note: For more information regarding Team Preferences visit Picking Team Preferences

4. Click Save. If necessary, repeat steps 2-4 for any additional teams

5. Click Next: Map Time Slots


1. Schedule Status Bar: Summary of total teams, spots available, byes, games scheduled, league color and the overall schedule status

Note: Status refers to if the desired scheduling outcome is possible using the time slots/locations allocated for the number of teams and games requested

2. Game Rotation Menu: select how the Scheduling Wizard uses available time slots and locations to schedule games. The default option is Efficient Use of Times (Completes in Fewest Times)

In this example, we need 4 games/wk for an 8-team league with 5 locations and 4 time slots.The Wizard allocates all games to be played at 6pm on 4 of the 5 fields. This is the most efficient use of times available, leaving alternate locations open for additional leagues, rentals, programs, etc.

3. Games Grid: Grid that displays possible game times and locations. When scheduling multiple leagues, each league will be designated a different color as per #1. Manually editing Time and Location can be done by selecting the time and location slot desired and choosing the league game needed. Make sure to click Update Grid if any changes are made

4. Click Next: View Balancing

Check the Statistics

This section allows a review and breakdown of how many:

1. Home/Away Games per Team

2. Games per Team at each Location

3. Games per Team for each Time Slot

4. Games per Team per Weekday

The wizard schedules the games as balanced as possible. To make any edits, navigate to the corresponding step and make adjustments as necessary.

5. When the ideal breakdown is met, click on Next: Set the Games to complete the wizard process and generate the schedule for this league.

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