How to Generate a Pool Play Schedule in EZLeagues

This guide will demonstrate how to generate a Pool Play schedule


Click on the Tournaments link

Edit Tournament

Click on the Edit link for the tournament you wish to generate the schedule for.

Generate Schedule

Under the Options on the left click on the Generate Schedule link.

Scheduling Wizard

The Scheduling Wizard will open in a new window. Across the top, 7 tabs will appear which will progress through the different parameters available when creating your pool play schedule.

1. Select the Leagues you wish to schedule. The league you were in when you clicked on the Generate Schedule link will automatically be checked, this example has 10 teams in the league.

2. Click Next: Select Location

Select Location(s)

1. Check the box(es) of those Locations (Venues) you would like to schedule this league's games with.

2. Click on Next: Set Weekdays

Select Dates & Times

1. Select League Start and End Dates - Enter in the Start Date for the League and click to select which days of the week are available for games to be played on.

Note: A League Cut Off Date is Optional and Not Necessary unless you are only doing part of your schedule. By setting one, you are preventing the Scheduling Wizard from using the data provided to accommodate your number of teams, venues, time slots and games needed for the full-length of the league. If the wizard needs more times after your Cut Off Date to accommodate, those games will remain Unschedulable.

2. Select the Dates to Schedule - Click on all dates that games will be played on

3. Select Game Time Slots - Select your earliest available Start Time and click Add Time Slot. The game times will automatically increment after each click of Add Time Slot by the length specified below at It Will Be a [   ] Minute Game. The selected time slots will appear below. You will need to select what game times are available for each date you selected above. In the Select a Date drop-down menu you can select more than one date at a time.

4. Click Next: Adjust Settings

Specify Additional Settings & Preferences

1. Specify how many games each team will play in total

2. Additional Options

Begin Current Pairings at Game [   ]: This option is used to recreate a schedule after games in a season have already been played to prevent duplicate match ups

Remove Previously Scheduled Games: Deletes any games already scheduled for this league and replace them with those the wizard generates

Avoid Double Booking Facilities: Prevents games from being scheduled if other games are scheduled against the selected venues/times for this league.

Remove "Unschedulable" Games: Prevents games that do not have a venue/timeslot to be scheduled against from being considered in the schedule

All Games Back-to-Back Double Headers: Creates a second game with a switched Home and Away team combination on the same venue as the first game. The second game will be scheduled at the end time of the first game.

3. Click Next: Set Preferences

Team Preferences

1. Select a League from the drop-down menu (if scheduling multiple leagues). If scheduling only one league, it will already be selected)

2. Select a Team from the drop-down menu to set preferences for

3. Pick your team preferences (optional) For more information see Picking Team Preferences

4. Click Save. Repeat steps 2-4 for any other teams if necessary.

5. Click Next: Map Time Slots when finished.


1. This is a summary of how many total teams, spots available, byes, games scheduled and the status of how the schedule works out with all of these factors. The Status will let you know if you are short on any Time Slots/Locations for the amount of teams and games you need scheduled, or if you have more than necessary. It also shows what color that league will appear below in Location and League Scheduling (#3)

2. This menu allows you to choose how the Scheduling Wizard uses the Time Slots and Locations available to schedule the games. The default option is always Efficient Use of Times (Completes in Fewest Times)

The other options available are predominantly used for Multi-League Scheduling and feature descriptions of when they should be used next to them in the drop-down menu. Make sure to hit Update Grid (#3) if any changes are made.

3. This section shows the Time and Location game times have been allocated to. When scheduling multiple leagues, they will be represented by different colors specified above in #1. You can manually edit the Time and Location usage by clicking on the oval slots and choosing which league game should go there or if it's not available. Make sure to click Update Grid if any changes are made.

4. Click Next: View Balancing

Check the Statistics

This section allows you to review the breakdown of:

1. How many Home/Away Games per Team

2. How many Games per Team at each Location

3. How many Games per Team at each Time Slot

4. How many Games per Team on each Weekday

The wizard schedules the games as balanced as it can, but it is possible to go back to any previous step and make adjustments as necessary to change the outcome of the schedule created.

5. Once you have the breakdown you are looking for, click on Next: Set the Games to complete the wizard process and generate the schedule for this league.

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